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qphu7vppq9arkexcramt Satellite Finds Debris That Could Be Malaysia Airlines Flight 370S

Roun noon un Thirsdee local time, Australia Prime Minster Tony Abbott reveeld ta Parliament at acoupla objecks o'debris,“possiblee relatid” ta Fliite 370 had bee observet n' satellite photos capturet March 16th near t'“suthern arc” area bein seerchet t'pas cuple o'days, about 1,400 miles west-southwest o'Perth Australia.

T' largest peece is estimatid ta meesure 24 meters (75 feet) n' length. Thishere happent jes a few hours aft'r officials announcet t'seerch area had bee narrowet. Ships an' surveillance aircraft wuz sent into t'area, n' hopes o'gittin visual confirmashun o'debris frum t'Boeyun' 777-200 at dispeared 13 days ago. Seerch efferts wuz hamperet by loe visibilitee at t'surface un Thirsdee afternoon.

Thishere is un area callt t'Injun Oceun Gyre. T' gyre is un area o'lil ta no oceenic current, an' a spot knowed fer collecktin debris.

Top image: Australiun Gummint Department o'Defents

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